Advanced Heart Care is invested in providing our patients the best quality of care.  We have partnered with Health Track, a leader in mobile patient monitoring, to create a stronger partnership with you and your practitioner while providing you the best quality of care possible.


Health Track is a text message-based mobile patient reporting system where you will receive and send text messages on your mobile phone.

Mobile patient monitoring technology has been proven to significantly improve the health of patients using them. Such technologies are used by patients and caregivers to improve self-management of care and to enhance communication of patient information to health care providers.

Your practitioner or healthcare provider will prescribe Health Track to monitor one or a couple of the following measurements:

  • Medication
  • Supplement
  • Food Diary
  • Exercise Diary
  • Weight
  • Blood Sugar
  • Blood Pressure
  • Tobacco Cessation

Once signed up for Health Track you will receive a ‘Welcome to Health Track’ text message on your phone. Please save this text as a contact called ‘Health Track’ in your phone. The next text message you receive will ask you to respond via text to the specific measurement prescribed. Your responses will be recorded in our EMR and the Health Track website so your practitioner can monitor your results and discuss them at your next office visit.

You will receive an email after signing up for Health Track that will provide a Username, temporary password and Health Track’s website for you to view what text responses you have recorded and have a log of the responses your practitioner will view.

Health Track is $4.99 a month. Ask your practitioner if Health Track is right for you.

Click here to register for Health Track