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Born from the demand for the highest level of responsive and attentive care, Concierge Cardiology of Texas offers the future of cardiovascular care for select individuals.

We value your time and convenience, and as a patient of the Concierge program you will experience stress-free medicine including immediate and personalized care while maintaining the compassion and respect you deserve.

Whatever your medical needs require, you can rest easy knowing a team of professionals are available to you with cutting-edge technology, vast knowledge and years of experience, all on your terms.

Our commitment to you is the highest quality of medical care available and to create a relationship dramatically different from anything you have experienced.

Concierge Program Details

There are two comprehensive program options available to you; Prime and Premier. Below are the details of what you can expect with the programs. Click on Program Details to the right to download and print the program information.

As a member of the concierge program you will experience a new way of communicating with our office, right from the start. You will be given the name and contact information to the Patient Care Coordinator at Concierge Cardiology of Texas. No automated phone trees to navigate, just a friendly voice on the other end of the phone when you call. Should the Patient Care Coordinator be assisting with another client when you call, you will receive a call back within one hour.

Enjoy no waiting time for your appointment, in fact, you can walk-in anytime during our business hours and we guarantee that you will be talking to a cardiologist within 15 minutes of your arrival. Take advantage of complementary beverages, current reading material, and WiFi access while you wait. We think you’ll find our reception area to be more like your living room than a doctor’s office.

You’re busy, and we understand that. But we do not want your heart health put on-hold because of your schedule. We can make arrangements for a provider to meet you at your home or office. This can include routine blood draws as well, depending on which level of service you select. No more taking time away from your day to get yourself or your loved one to our office.

Your appointments are never rushed. If you need a quick five-minute talk with your cardiologist or you desire a more in-depth discussion that takes several hours, we will take as much time as you need. We believe that great patient care includes being able to fully explain the diagnosis and treatment of your particular cardiovascular needs. Additionally, if you have a loved one who would like to be involved in your care but are unable to be in the office with you, they can join us remotely utilizing our state-of-the-art video conferencing system for your appointments. The option is also available to you as a patient if you are living or working outside of the Dallas metro-plex.

If you need to reach your cardiologist between appointments, we are never further than a phone call away. Depending on which program you choose, you’ll have access to a physician via phone and email up to 24 hours a day. Because we offer you a team of cardiologists you will never be without the care you deserve and our electronic medical records system ensures your history and chart notes are available to all of the physicians on the Concierge team.

As part of your annual evaluation you will also receive a comprehensive heart attack and stroke prevention evaluation, which includes cutting-edge diagnostic testing designed to dramatically mitigate your likelihood of a heart attack or stroke because of a genetic predisposition.

Should you have a medical emergency, your concierge team will be available to assist in coordinating your care, and if it is within our network of hospitals where we have treating privileges, we’ll meet you there.

If your cardiologist feels any additional diagnostic testing performed in our office is necessary, you will have priority access for your scheduling. Depending on which program you choose, you will have testing and results no later than 48 hours. Additionally, we have negotiated discounted pricing for most testing, available only to Concierge Cardiology of Texas clients.

The concierge care doesn’t end there. Your total health is a top-priority for us. You will receive periodic email updates and education with leading cardiovascular related information as well as a subscription to Health Track, a text message based mobile monitoring system for your provider.

Still have questions? Would you like to meet the team at Concierge Cardiology of Texas? Maybe you’d like a private tour of our office. It would be our pleasure to show you how this elite program works. Please contact the Patient Care Coordinator at 855-861-3820 to arrange for a tour and physician meeting at your convenience.

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How do I sign up?

Easy! You can send us an email here or call 855-861-3820 and schedule a one-on-one consultation with the Patient Care Coordinator to discuss the program in detail.