Concierge Cardiology of Texas



Who will be treating me?

With a team of the area’s top cardiologists, you can rest easy that no matter when you need us, we will be there for you. Your board certified team of physicians at Concierge Cardiology of Texas includes: Dr. Bruce Gordon, Dr. Brian Schwartz, and Dr. Jai Varma.

Where will I be seen?

Concierge Cardiology of Texas is based in Plano, Texas. The office is on the 6th floor in the medical plaza next to Baylor Medical Center at Plano. Enjoy valet parking services at the front door to make your visit quick and easy. You’ll find our office to be warm and inviting; more like your home living room than a physician’s office. However, you also have the option of a meeting or consulting your provider via a high-definition video conference system utilizing our Telemedicine program. You can even have someone come directly to your home or office. Our goal is to provide world-class service, on your terms.

Click here to get directions to our Plano clinic.

What is your annual fee?

The annual fee is $5,000.

How do I pay the doctor? Do you accept quarterly or monthly fees?

The annual fee is a one-time payment made when you sign the services contract. Concierge Cardiology of Texas accepts, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Monthly or quarterly payments are not being accepted at this time.

What services does the annual fee cover?

During your one-on-one consultation with the Concierge team, you’ll have an in-depth discussion about each of the services available to you. For a brief list, please click here to read more about the two program options offered.

What additional fees are not included in the annual membership fee?

If you have diagnostic testing completed, those tests will be billed to your insurance provider and may or may not be fully covered. You would be responsible for any additional fees not covered by insurance.

What services can I expect to receive directly from your nursing staff or other healthcare professionals at the practice each year?

The board certified cardiologists on staff at Concierge Cardiology of Texas will provide all services with the assistance of a board certified nurse practitioner when necessary.

Do you accept Insurance?

No, but our team will ensure you are referred to an in-network provider for any testing. Additionally, Concierge Cardiology of Texas has negotiated discounted rates for most testing.

What if I need to go to the hospital or emergency room?

The on-call physician from the Concierge office will meet you at the hospital to help coordinate care, just call to let us know you’re going to the ER. If you’re being taken to a hospital where we do not have treating privileges, we will actively work with the physicians there to ensure you taken care of and to coordinate cardiac care.

Will my insurance reimburse any of the annual fee?

No, insurance will not reimburse you for the cost of the Concierge program.

Tell me about after-hours care and the doctors 24/7 availability.

You’ll be given the cell phone number to a Concierge cardiologist. If you need to speak with him at 3pm or 3am, just pick up the phone and call. You will also have the ability to text or email him as well if that is more convenient for you.

What about lab, x-ray and specialists’ fees and hospitalizations?

Any diagnostic testing will be billed and covered by your individual insurance plan.

How long do in-office visits typically last?

That’s the beauty of a Concierge program – you can take as much time as you want with the physician during your visit. Five minutes or five hours, it’s cardiovascular care, on your terms!

How long will I have to wait if I come in for a visit?

We would greatly appreciate a call ahead to let us know you’re on your way so that you can be seen as soon as you arrive however, we can guarantee you a wait of no more than 15 minutes once you arrive. In the meantime, you’ll enjoy complementary beverages and current publications to read while you wait.

What hospitals do the Concierge providers have admitting privileges to in the Plano area?

  • Heart Hospital at Baylor Plano
  • Baylor Plano Regional Medical Center

What about the cost of prescription medicines?

Any prescriptions that are recommended by your physician will be covered based on your individual insurance plan and coverage.

Can I receive text messages from my doctor? E-visits, Skype Video chat, or FaceTime thru iPhone?

Absolutely. Sometimes our schedules are just too busy but your heart health is important so we will be available to you anytime you need us. Or, if perhaps you have a loved one who’s unable to attend your appointment but would like to keep up-to-date with your treatment, just let our Patient Care Coordinator know and we will accommodate any requests.

What type of new technology do you use regularly in your concierge medical practice?

Our state of the art Electronic Health Records (ERH) system allows us to access your health records anytime, anywhere. This creates a seamless method for us to coordinate your care anywhere in the world.

You can access our Patient Portal to request an appointment, review test results, pay your bill, contact your physician directly via email, and much more.

Advanced Heart Care also has a robust Telemedicine program. Through this program, physicians from across the world can discuss patient care and even review lab tests for the most accurate diagnosis from our highly trained team of physicians.

If I call my concierge doctor at 8pm or 2am for an urgent healthcare concern, what will happen?

If you have elected to have 24/7/365 care through the Concierge Cardiology of Texas clinic, you will have a phone number that will take you directly to a physician. You can discuss your concern and he will evaluate how to best treat the issue. If he recommends that you be seen in a hospital, he will meet you there and coordinate all of your care concerning your heart health.

What if I need to see a medical specialist or need surgery?

Our extensive work in this community allows us access to some of the top physicians in the country. We would be happy to find the best possible provider and make a personal referral to any medical specialists you may need to see.

How difficult is it to get an appointment? Do you provide same or next-day visits with unhurried appointments that start on time with the doctor?

We think you’ll find your ability to see a doctor to be unparalleled. Same-day appointments are available or you can give us a call on your way and just walk in. Once you arrive, you’ll quickly be taken back to an exam room for your appointment. Take as much time as you need with the doctor.

What happens if my doctor goes on vacation?

Because we have a team of doctors within our Concierge program, you will never be without a personal provider.

What happens if I move out of the area after I enroll?

While we hope that you’ll be staying in this beautiful area, we know that life is ever changing. If you plan to leave our area, your membership to the Concierge program will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Can I enroll in a concierge medicine plan anytime in the future?

Yes! We understand if the timing is not right yet, and look forward to the opportunity to keep your heart healthy anytime in the future.

What if I get married?  Can I extend coverage to my new family members?

The Concierge program is a membership-based program so your membership will not be extended to a new family member. However, if you’d like to enroll him/her into the program, please contact the Patient Care Coordinator to discuss the best option for your spouse’s care.

How do I sign up?

Easy! Simply call the Patient Care Coordinator toll free at 855-861-3821. They will gather all of the necessary information and schedule an appointment right away. If you’d like to request more information on the Concierge program, please email us today.